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Eternal Memorial Designs Features Beautiful Cemetery Monuments

Granite Monuments, Headstones, and Memorials Provide Peace of Mind

Eternal Memorial Designs offers monuments made of quality, long-lasting granite that shines for decades. We also offer a great variety of cemetery monument styles, including upright, slant, bevel markers, and flush/flat markers.

Purchasing your monument, headstone, memorial, grave marker, and other accessories from Eternal Memorial Designs provides peace of mind during a difficult and stressful time. The staff at Eternal Memorial Designs works with you to plan the perfect way to honor your loved one. Our monuments, headstones, memorials, and markers made from quality granite are an enduring way to pay tribute to your departed family member. Whether you seek to mark the life of a grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse, child, pet, or other important family member, Eternal Memorial Designs will help you create the essence of honor you wish to convey. If you would like to plan your own cemetery monument, or wish to purchase one for a loved one, contact us online or call (814) 915-4157 today.

Remember to ask about our veteran’discount!

Memorial Design Services – Selecting A Memorial

For many people unfamiliar with obtaining a memorial, Eternal Memorial Designs offers the following options: 

  • Cemetery Information (this helps determine the type of monument to erect)
  • Style of monument (upright, slant, bevel, flush marker, bench, etc.)
  • Size of monument
  • Color of monument
  • Type of finish
  • Design and engraving details

If you already have a style in mind, please bring a photo with you. We have a variety of designs to choose from or we can add your own personal touch.

Colors of Monuments

Domestic Granite

Superior Black
Absolute Black

American Black


Black Veil


Dakota Mahogany


Dark Blue


Everlasting Blue

Everlasting Mahogany

Everlasting Pink


Kershaw Pink


Medium Barre Grey


Morning Rose

Salisbury Pink
Silver Cloud
Texas Rose

White Marble

Imported Granite

China Grey

Chinese Impala


China Mahogany


Coffee Brown

Coral Blue
Blue Pearl

Dark Chinese Grey


Galaxy Black


India Red


India Mahogany


Imperial Impala


India Mist


India Black


Rosa Beta






Pink Rose

Cemetery Lettering, On-Site Maintenance, and Repairs

Eternal Memorial Designs offers on-site cemetery lettering services. We can handle your cemetery lettering needs without removing your monument from the cemetery. Our staff will carefully and precisely tend to your cemetery lettering needs and have your cemetery monuments updated with your customized words or designs. For all of your cemetery lettering needs and beyond, call the experts at Eternal Memorial Designs for quality and meaningful workmanship.

  • The majority of cemetery lettering is necessary when adding a date of death to a monument already set in the cemetery. We will match any existing size, font, and format.
  • We may have to personally inspect the stone to get a rubbing of the font, size and layout.
  • Lettering is equally important to a loved one’s family, so we inform you when we complete lettering services.
  • Eternal Memorial Designs takes pride in our attention to detail and open, honest communication.
  • We provide gravesite monument cleaning*, repair and resetting/securing or leveling a monument, and will send before and after pictures.
  • Eternal Memorial Designs installs new monuments and foundations.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

*Mother nature, in the form of birds, tree sap, moss, grass clippings and other natural elements can cause monuments to become dirty-looking, discolored, or stained. Proper cleaning is necessary from time to time to maintain your monument’s lasting and original beauty.

Memorial Planning with Assurance For Loved Ones, Yourself, and More

Eternal Memorial Designs has decades of experience in the memorial industry with services that span the range from cemetery lettering and engraving, to grave markers, memorials, and monuments. Our caring staff recognizes the difficulties and frustrations that may arise with planning for and obtaining the right marker, whether it is for a loved one or for yourself. We offer assurance along with our experience that every customer receives a monument, marker, or accessory that will stand the test of time. Memorial planning is an important and essential service that will help you and your family honor a loved one in a meaningful and caring way.

Pre-Need Planning Services Offer You and Your Family Peace of Mind

Planning your monument may seem like a daunting task. The topic of death and memorials can make pre-planning a difficult conversational topic. However, finding the right monument ahead of time by pre-need planning saves your family from dealing with the emotional and financial burden in the midst of active grief. Pre-need planning affords you the opportunity to choose exactly what you want versus what someone else ‘thinks’ you might want. Pre-need planning relieves the emotional burden placed upon your loved ones. It allows you to carry out your final wishes, provides peace of mind, and saves money. Planning ahead is a gift to loved ones.

Choose Your Own Monument, Fulfill Your Wishes, and Save Money!

An important factor in obtaining a monument is generally its cost. By choosing your own monument, you design your own story for generations to come. This gives family members peace of mind in fulfilling your final wishes. Monument prices can rise five-to-ten percent every one-to-three years. Purchasing a memorial now could save you half of its potential cost 15 years from now—a significant savings!

Eternal Memorial Designs Helps You Plan Every Step of the Way

Planning ahead is a gift to your loved ones, and Eternal Memorial Designs will take you through this process from beginning to end. We are here to help relieve the emotional burdens upon loved ones and help you carry out your final wishes, so call us today.

Public, Civic, Military, and Veterans Memorials

Eternal Memorial Designs works along with individuals, families, and groups in planning a variety of public, civic, military, and veterans memorials. Our staff works along with memorial parks in our service area to satisfy all public, civic, and military memorial needs. Eternal Memorial Designs can also provide civic memorials, bronze memorial plaques, community monuments, monuments for historical locations, benches, and signs.

Memorials for Veterans to Honor Their Service to Country

Deceased veterans receive free government military granite or bronze monuments. We understand the importance of honoring members of our armed forces with proper dignity. Eternal Memorial Designs can help you with the paperwork, delivery, and installation of your military memorial, as well as companion military monuments. We focus on honoring veterans in ways that recognize their commitment and service to our country.

Cremation: A Growing Trend Offering Many Options

Cremation is a growing trend in the funeral industry, with a growing number of individuals and families choosing this as a final resting preference. Eternal Memorial Designs would be honored to help memorialize the memory of your loved one. There are many cremation options to choose from; such as, granite monuments and benches, pedestals, urns, tamper-proof bronze memorials, and memory markers.

Family Columbarium, Cremation Benches, Pedestals, and More in PA

Memorial options for cremation can be more economical than traditional, in-ground burial. You only need to purchase one grave and monument. Families may choose to install a family columbarium, which is a small, more personalized niche structure. There are many columbarium niche options from which to choose. You may prefer benches or pedestals as another desirable option for sheltering remains in an outdoor setting. With industry experience of more than 20 years, Eternal Memorial Designs offers many popular types of cremation memorials. If you are unsure, just ask us.

A cremation memorial can be personalized and offers a way to permanently honor your loved one not only today but forever.

We Are Your Local Leader in Bronze Markers and More

If you prefer bronze markers to granite, Eternal Memorial Designs is your local source. Bronze markers instantly enhance any cemetery as a beautiful memorial for a loved one. Our experienced experts will help you to decide whether you want your cemetery monuments and markers in bronze or granite. No matter what your needs may be, Eternal Memorial Designs offers a wide variety of bronze and granite markers, including:

  • Upright cemetery monuments
  • Slant cemetery monuments
  • Bevel cemetery markers
  • Flush/flat cemetery monuments
  • Bronze Markers
  • On-Site cemetery lettering
  • And more!

Pet Memorials: Stone Samples, Grave, and Garden Markers

Memorialize Your Furry Friends

At Eternal Memorial Designs, we recognize that losing a pet can be heartbreaking. We encourage you to honor your pets accordingly with our great prices on pet stones. Our pet stones are small and lightweight enough to keep in your yard for years, and pay an eternal tribute to your pet’s memory. We are proud to offer the most competitive prices on pet stones to our valued customers.

Unlike cemetery monument memorials, pet stones hit closer to home as they can be placed in a yard, living room, or anywhere else you could think of. Contact us online today for more information. You can also call us at (814) 915-4157, or visit us in person at 622 Demuth Street in Johnstown, PA.

Colors of Monuments

Domestic Granite

swatch 1

Black Veil

swatch 2

Everlasting Mahogany

swatch 3

Morning Rose

swatch 4

Salisbury Pink

swatch 5

Everlasting Blue

swatch 6

Everlasting Pink

swatch 7

Absolute Black

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