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A big thank you to Eternal Memorial Designs for the beautiful Headstone for my dear husband’s grave. It was a hard job to pick a stone with a heavy heart for me. Rich Bailey and Sharon Novatny at Eternal Memorial Designs were compassionate, knowledgeable and very helpful in picking out the stone color, design, picture and wording that I wanted. Rich “A man of his word” as my son said of him. The stone was beautiful and the price was very affordable. A sincere thank you.

Linda Egts

Thank you very much for the attention and care you provided in choosing a stone for Jim. The stone is lovely and our family is very pleased with this lasting tribute and remembrance to my husband – our son’s Dad and to the wonderful person Jim was to so many.

Gloria Chalich

Both Rich and Sharon were so caring, professional, and accommodating during the process of designing a memorial for my dad. The final product will now be a lasting tribute to my dad. The overall process was completed quickly and at a fair price. I would certainly recommend the products and services of Eternal Memorial Designs.

Michal K. Brisko – Johnstown, PA

We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the patience, understanding, and cooperation exhibited by Sharon and Rich at Eternal Memorial Designs in the planning and purchase of our headstone. Thanks to their knowledge, experience, and guidance, the process flowed seamlessly, and we have a headstone we are extremely pleased with. We highly recommend Eternal Memorial Designs.

Joseph and Theresa Kohler – Vienna, VA

Purchasing a head stone comes with lots of emotions and I was blessed to find Eternal Memorial Designs. Rich and Sharon showed me kindness, compassion and understanding. They are professional and personable, and helped me make the best choice for our family. I would encourage you who are looking for a head stone to start your quest at Eternal Memorial Designs. You won’t be disappointed and I believe you won’t have to look elsewhere. I highly recommend Eternal Memorial Designs. Rich and Sharon will answer your questions and help you through this process.

Betty Hostetler

OUT OF SORROW GOD SPEAKS TO US BEST – These are the words carved on my grandfather’s headstone. He died in 1934. I was unable to read these meaningful words until Eternal Memorial Designs cleaned this stone along with two stones of other deceased family members. The stones now look like new and glisten in the sun. Thanks to Eternal Memorial Designs for restoring these stones to their original beauty.

Kathleen Lentz

I would like to thank Rich and Sharon of Eternal Memorial Designs for doing such a wonderful job on my parents headstone. The stone had weathered with time and was in desperate need of some tender loving care. Eternal Memorial Designs went in and worked their magic! I am very pleased to say that the stone was restored to its original beauty! Just like it did when it was purchased over 40 years ago!

Again, thank you Eternal Memorial Designs for your special care in this matter. We will definitely look to you for all our perpetual monument needs.

Janet and Duncan Burnett

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